Our weekly pool service will keep your water oasis looking its best. But when a pool’s surface is marred by stains and mineral deposits, we can also provide a deeper cleaning to make it look like new.

Our pool cleaning service makes sure that every inch of your pool’s surface shines. We start by draining the pool of all of its water and chemicals and removing every bit of debris. We empty the skimmers, pump basket, and pool cleaner bag, then apply a specialized solution to the pool’s surface to dissolve all dirt and algae that may have collected on the sides and bottom or created a stain that normal cleaning and chemicals can’t remove. This acid wash dissolves the layer of growth and dirt that detracts from the appearance of your pool. It eliminates all organic growth, mineral deposits, and chlorine stains and brings out a brighter finish, dramatically improving the way your pool looks.

After the wash has been applied, we use brushes to ensure that the coverage is even, and we hand scrub it to make sure that every inch of your pool gleams and even the most stubborn stains have been removed. Then we rinse it thoroughly, making sure that we’ve neutralized and drained all of the acid, and refill the pool with clean, sparkling water and fresh chemicals and minerals.

One time clean-ups

  • Remove debris from pool
  • Empty skimmer & pump baskets
  • Vacuum sand, dirt, and D.E. to waste
  • Adjust chemistry

Spring Cleans

  • Remove pool cover
  • Adjust chemicals & kill algae
  • Clean filter
  • Remove debris from pool floor
  • Vacuum sand & dead algae from pool
  • Check equipment for proper performance.

 Acids Washes

  • Drain Swimming Pool
  • Acid wash tile & walls
  • Pool start up chemicals

Drain & Clean

  • Drain swimming pool
  • Remove leaves & debris
  • Power wash walls and tile
  • Swimming Pool start up chemicals

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