Your home’s swimming pool is more than just an extension of your home: It is a source of endless enjoyment and a centerpiece of entertainment, fun, and beauty that adds to your property’s value and your quality of life. By having your pool cleaned and maintained on a weekly basis, you ensure that you and your guests get optimal enjoyment from swimming in clean, safe water.

Weekly Full Service

  • Pool is completely cleaned each week
  • Check and adjust pool chemicals as needed
  • All chemicals except algaecide are included in price
  • Empty the skimmer and pump basket
  • Remove all debris from pool surface and floor
  • Brush the walls and floor
  • Verify that equipment is functioning properly
  • Backwash filter as needed. (DE only)

Weekly Chemical Pool Service

  • Adjust chemicals (Chlorine,pH,Alkalinity, and Stabilizer)
  • Check for leaks and inspect equipment

Filter Cleans

  • Break filter down and wash all the grids or cartridges
  • Recharge filter with D.E. if needed
  • Check for broken grids & cracks in the manifold

Rates are individually quoted and may vary based on the presence of trees and shrubs, the size of your pool size, and its features. We provide a guarantee on our water treatment service and will correct any problems that arise at no additional charge as long as the pool and its equipment are working properly.


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